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some of riva’s commercial work includes:

Delectable Cat Treats

Suntrust “Sunny Day”

Panera Bread “Chicken Tortelli Alfredo”

Lego “Building Happy” - Riva is the first voice you hear

Panera Bread “Cranberry Flatbread”

Sprint Nascar (Radio)

Panera Bread “Lunch Favorites”

Air National Guard (Radio)

McDonalds “Happy Meal Books”

Dasani Drops “Drop Into Delicious”

Kroger “Fred Myer” (Radio)

Dove Chocolate “Difficult Choices”

Dove Chocolate “A Little More To Love”

Kroger “Jockey” (Radio)

Teen Vogue

Axe Body Spray “Sprinkler”

Dove Dark Chocolate “Fireworks”

Red Bull "Vampire"